This is a blog focused on film reviews and comments on the film industry.
We are cynical, naïve, positive or even analytical, depending on our disposition and the subject at hand.

The Pearls section is film reviews. There are plenty of websites out there that sparkingly provide general reviews, so there wouldn’t be much point to our existence if we were to do the same. We choose certain aspects of a film that struck us and discuss it in those terms. We won’t review every film in cinemas out there and there won’t be much talk about stars, unless there is a certain part of their acting that we want to focus on.

Pigs is our guilty pleasures section, where we poke fun at more or less obviously ridiculous things about the film industry – do we even like to call it that? We’re film studies grads after all, what else were you expecting? We target awards seasons (Oscars coming up, oink, oink) and marketing campaigns, along with whatever else we deem to be silly about this world.

Metapearls contains articles on a selection of critics’ pieces picked up from film publications. Critics deserve to be criticised too, if not especially so. Expect five stars as well as thumbs down.

We met on our Film Studies postgrad at King’s College London and bonded over our eye-rolling habits when it came to bull… our uncontrollable cynicism and the many hours spent gushing about films. We now live at opposite ends of Europe, have worked/ are working in art, filmmaking, film criticism, film distribution etc etc. and continue to send each other an excessive amount of Indiewire links and Werner Herzog’s pearls of wisdom.

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